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Whisper Lift II Touchstone's TV Lift Mechanism

Whisper Lift II Touchstone's TV Lift Mechanism
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Touchstone Home Products
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BrandTouchstone Home Products

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The Whisper Lift II measures 32in. H x 10in. W x 7in. D (including brackets that connect to back of TV) and lifts to a full height of 68in. in under 30 seconds. Designed to fit flat screen TV's up to 65in., this lift holds televisions up to 100 lbs, with a lift capacity of 120 lbs. Touchstone's Universal Quick Connect system makes it easy to install any flat screen TV in just minutes. A universal hardware kit comes with each TV lift kit which includes bolts and machine screws to accommodate most brands and models of flat screen TVs. The Whisper Lift II features a unique mounting mechanism which fastens your flat screen TV to the Quick Connect Bracket for guaranteed safety and security. While most Whisper Lifts are installed within our Touchstone TV Lift Cabinets to lift your flat screen upward, these lifts can also be mounted to your ceiling or wall and drop your flat screen downward, as shown here. The Whisper Lift II operates by using a single piston actuator in an enclosed system for completely safe operation with virtually zero wear and tear. The steel external casing of the lift provides added protection for the lift internal parts, which keeps it clean and free of dirt and any debris. The Whisper Lift II is the highest quality television lift on the market. Our customers adore this product. It's the most durable, quiet, and reliable lift mechanism out there despite its low price. You may find other more expensive lifts from other brands, but do not mistake high mark ups for high quality: the Touchstone Whisper Lift II is the top of the line TV lift. This lift's high quality makes it extremely reliable, as well. You will have to replace your flat screen television long before you ever have to replace this lift: the Whisper Lift II is built to last. Single actuator in an enclosed steel casing reduces wear and tear, enhances safe operation, and keeps the lift clean and free of dirt and debris. Whisper Lift fully depressed measures 32in.H x 10in.W x 7in.D (Including TV mount brackets, does not include TV depth). Hardware kit includes all necessary bolts and screws and is compatible with most flat panel TV in the market today.

  • Modular design allows for internal components to be easily replaced in just minutes. Universal Quick Connect system for mounting TV to lift is easy to use and install. Lift Dimensions: 32in.H x 7in.D
  • Installation and mounting your TV is simple with the included universal hardware kit and quick connect system. Lift operates with a single piston actuator and steel external casing to prevent wear.
  • Lift raises quickly to the full height of 68in. in less than 30 seconds. Holds televisions up to 100 lbs. Durable Steel Construction with 24 V Motor makes operation quiet and reliable.
  • Includes wireless 1 RF remote control and a wired handset control. Supports TVs with VESA mounting patterns up to 600mm wide by 400mm high. Comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Unit Weight: 50lbs. Holds televisions up to 100 lbs. Features a steel construction for optimal durability. Lift's whisper quiet 24V motor raises TV up to 68 inches within 30 seconds.
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